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This newsletter is a collection of people and brands who shape the modern brand landscape and creates the future of the internet. 

Every Friday, I tell a story about who I believe is doing amazing work in the digital space. The analysis is informed by the current happenings in culture and my background.

Here you can find:

  • How no-code tools became the new normal for builders and the people leading this trend

  • Why attention is the new currency and how entrepreneurs can capture it

  • What are the new rules for creating valuable content and brands that do it perfectly

  • and more.

Previous Posts

Here are some brands I have talked about to get you started:

  1. Poolside FM

  2. Product Hunt

  3. Fast

  4. Morning Brew & Visualize Value

  5. Earth Rise Studio

  6. Public

  7. Calendly

  8. Substack (if you’re here, you know!)

With all of them, you get an idea of what type of content I share every week

About the Author

My name is Jose Eduardo Ruano and for the past few years working as a freelancer

  • I’ve been gaining experience executing digital media strategies for businesses,

  • learning about the e-commerce landscape,

  • and analyzing how a brand with their work can change the way we do things

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and have a great passion for technology, design, art, fashion, marketing, financial markets, among other things.

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