how being transparent can help a brand grow

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My name is Jose — welcome to The New Gazette, a newsletter about all things digital. Each week, I write a case study about a brand or person that is impactful and is doing an amazing job in the digital space. New post every Friday. 

Today I will focus on not one but two brands that using the authenticity and transparency method to connect with their customers and grow.
The brands I will write about are Visualize Value (VV) and The Morning Brew, the first one that offers products to help people build important skills and master their lives; and the second one, a group of newsletters about the latest on the business world, written with a unique voice.

Both of these brands I consider them authentic on the way they do business, first because they create content that is really engaging with their customers, as they listen to what people need but also, the founders give you more information about how they’re working, being transparent with almost everything.

If you use Twitter frequently you may be familiar with both of them, if not, totally recommend a follow to the founders, of VV @JackButcher and the Brew, Alex Lieberman, aka @BUSINESSBARISTA.

The Morning Brew started because professionals were never happy about business news, and a group of youngsters decided to create engaging, entertaining content, making it a must for anyone interested in these type of things. The news they share on a daily basis are written playfully and in a way to make it easier to read, helping readers understand more certain topics.

In there, as you can see in the image below, Alex talks about milestones the team got by sharing what they did, the know-how and strategies that can help any company grow. Right now, Alex is doing a race with another Morning Brew writer to see who get to 10,000 followers faster. Proving their point on creating valuable content.

On the other side, Visualize Value, the other brand I was talking about, Jack shares content, courses, group membership and a playbook that can help anyone achieve their goals, cheat codes that can benefit you to build something in the right way.

He is more open about the creating process of any of his products, he shows how he did any design aspect of the publications and the most important, shares insights about the income he got by doing a specific type of content. Here you can check that he shares how by giving away some really good smartphone wallpapers, he gained new followers for the company, that can be easily converted into clients.

Both brands are not just trying to give you information right away just to see it but to change the way you perceive things, to change your thinking and then motivate you to start working on your personal projects.

One of Jack’s famous quotes is

build once, sell twice

which to any creator is fundamental to grow easily, if you got something to sell try to give it in a way that you are not involved too much and focus on other things.

Both companies have achieved something incredible, really great income figures by continue sharing not just quality content but also being authentic, sharing experiences on how something helped them achieve a goal. The Morning Brew currently has 2 million subscribers and revenue of approximately USD20 Million, Visualize Value just a few days ago achieved 112k followers on Instagram and more on Twitter helping get more income faster.
On both, Morning Brew and Visualize Value, Alex and Jack, share their mistakes to grow the brands and give more details on what not work for them.

If you’re building a brand from scratch, whether is a personal or business brand, share your victories with your customers, as they can cheer you up to continue to do your work but also do not hide your mistakes but embrace them, as you can help many people along the way on their projects.

Let’s see it in another way, do you think that Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Steve Jobs never did a mistake? of course, they did, but they never got worried about what people will think of them, they continue to work on their mission and gained success. Probably some customer with something to offer helped them to grow their brands.

Mistakes are just a part of your life, learning experiences that get you to where are you now. Share them with a community and they can help you overcome any struggle. I use this in my personal life and I recommend it, be authentic with your brand and in your life, why to hide things if you can connect with others more by sharing your experiences, who knows maybe what you been searching for all this time is just one conversation away.

Let me know your thoughts by reaching me on my twitter @JoseeRuano
I’m also trying to be more authentic and share what I learn


Jose E. Ruano

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