TikTok reels to the future

how the app's next chapter will look like

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My name is Jose — welcome to The New Gazette, a newsletter about all things digital. Each week, I write a case study about a brand or person that is impactful and is doing an amazing job in the digital space. New post every Friday. 

Earlier this week, news all over the world started to run about what was going to happen to TikTok (Bytedance’s famous video sharing app) after the Trump administration declared about thinking of banning the app in the United States.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Many were wondering about what all the creators will do, which platform would they choose to continue making content, would it be Youtube maybe Byte, or it could be the return of Vine, Snapchat, or probably Facebook and Instagram?
But after a few talks, the US government decided to let an American company buy all the operations on their country and keeping a little stake in the company, making the creators a little relieved about not rushing them into changing platforms.

As many details about this takeover are still on the works, the name of the company which will have the willingness to buy the majority of TikTok is Microsoft, a company known for their enterprise applications but no social media ones.

Currently, the biggest movement done by an American Company was Instagram releasing a new functionality called Reels that much like TikTok, offers users the creative tools to film and bring together a 15-second video with customizable text, music, and effects and a new explore page to discover and share those clips. With this Facebook, hopes to keep their users into their arrange of platforms, especially Instagram, which after many updates have become a little too complicated to use.

TikTok success not just in the US but in the world was the functionality of virality, where any single user creating an interesting video could become famous, also the ‘anonymity’ of things, as someone could be more fun and have a less polished image on the internet.

Users now have many more options to create more content for the future, we will see which one will they choose to publish it but in a few days, we will see how all the technology companies will work on this. How Microsoft’s TikTok will look like if still can keep all the creators happy or Instagram’ Reels will become more popular and the functionalities available can help grow their audiences on their profile.

There is still a lot of debate on this topic but I’m pretty sure, not just creators will benefit from this, also brands could be more creative and talk to their customers in a completely different way using this type of content.

A new chapter is approaching for social media not just in the US but in the world, let’s see how it will look like.

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Jose E. Ruano