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When it comes to social issues and politics there are countless places you can go to search for information, you could go to the internet, an organization, a library, a newspaper, your family and friends but there is one problem, every time you analyze the results you got, it appears that instead of just straight information about the topic, you got different opinions from the people you’re talking/seeing

Think of capitalism as a subject, when you search it online, on the top ten links you already get different points of view.

  • ”Why Capitalism is the ideal social system”

  • “Top reasons to hate Capitalism”

The screenshot was taken from search “capitalism” on DuckDuckgo

I’m not hating on these links but the reality is there, now more than ever is hard to find good information without any kind of manipulation from the editors or writers.

You could get the definition from a dictionary/encyclopedia but a lot of things are missing to truly understand an issue.

To learn you’re required to do your own research but that can be exhausting. Going from one place to another, you find out that you learn nothing.

I’ve been there and know that is not great, but thankfully I found someone willing to help me to be more informed.

It’s the Instagram account @soyouwanttotalkabout

A place dissecting progressive politics and social issues in graphic slideshow form

The profile has amassed 2.5 million followers in just over a year while tackling different issues through well-designed and highly informative images.

Want to know about stress and trauma?

Maybe read more about Martin Luther King Jr?

or learn about The Syria Crisis?

you could go there and within ten slideshows with the right information, you could be more informed about the topic.

This now-famous Instagram platform grew out of the uncertainty of 2020, and over the course of a couple of months came to be synonymous with social media-based movements focused on accountability, social engagement, and separating facts from misinformation.

As Covid-19 affected millions across all countries, and many politicians worked at the hands of misinformation and widespread corruption. People realized they need to find a new place where there would be precise and good knowledge to help make better decisions and understand more their surroundings.

Soyouwanttotalkabout’s followers turn to the account for reliable information designed for the millennial consumer or Gen Zs like myself, that usually spend a lot more time inside social media than going to libraries.

While the foundation for the account was inextricably linked to the timeliness of its creation, the need for fact-based, dependable information is never-ending.

Due to the account success, there has been some speculation about the identity behind the social media phenomenon, some said it was from the government, others from different non-profits but in reality according to the page, all of the content is created by one single person in his free time, named Jess Natale.

She did it as a way for people to learn about these specific topics, as they can be really hard to understand or requires a lot of commitment.

Jess, as well, recently released information about a book called So, Let's Talk About It presented in the signature style of the Instagram account, which talk about the essential questions and issues that define our world or country today, from electoral politics to the importance of unlearning, as She did with the profile.

“clear, easily digestible, and defensible tidbits that can help fuel personal activism, prepare the reader for a difficult conversation with family and friends, or serve as a jumping-off point for further research and understanding. “

The book will be available later this year.

She started and still continues to work on this Instagram account for free which is something I will always remember and support in all the ways I can, like sharing her work or giving to the organizations She talked about.

One of my favorite parts about writing this newsletter is learning, alongside all of you, about incredibly smart people and brands who are changing or creating a better future using the internet as leverage.

I like a good creator like Jess who challenged the status quo by sharing information on sensitive topics in order to make others more educated.

These two subjects can be a little difficult to talk about in your social circle or with people on social media as just one bad word you used and you could be condemned forever but if you’re better informed you could understand more about the society you’re living in and have more peaceful and intellectual conversations.

Let me know what you think

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