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For the past few months, I’ve been trying to get more into design, learn how to create better visual content, things like videos, vertical stories for Instagram, Reels, posts specifically for brands.

I’m not gonna lie, doing this kind of things takes a lot of hard work but I have a secret weapon that helps me with all, one I’m gonna share with you today

It’s called Projector

What is it?

Projector is a browser-based platform designed for both amateurs and pros on design projects. It gives marketers and designers the right tools they need to move fast and stand out across every channel with their work.

It helps you to make social media posts, presentations, printable items such as posters, and more with colleagues or by yourself.

With a big catalog of templates, it aims to let people put together something beautiful quickly and without much in the way of expertise.

According to the founders the goal of this platform pretty much

Lies in creating an experience that appeals to both laypeople and design pros, and helping the amateurs and the experts to work together.

It really simple to use, you go to the website, choose a starting point, then you add your content and voilá! your work it’s finished without spending a lot of time doing it

How it can help you?

It gives you the ability to improve your content, whether if you have a side project, starting a business, doing a blog, or you work doing social media posts, this platform can help you get where you want to, design-wise in the fastest way possible.

Inside it has access to stock photos using Unsplash, videos using Shutterstock, icons, gifs, stickers, and many more files to use in your design.

How much it costs?

Even if you don’t believe it, Projector it’s actually free!

it’s has a paid plan for collaborative projects but just by making an account, you got access to almost all the tools.

I needed to share it with you all as it has been a time-saver for me

give it a try, you won’t regret it

This story was short to not overwhelm you since a lot has happened in the last few days.

Happy Friday!

see you soon


The New Gazette is unplugging and taking a one-week Spring Break. I'll be off the grid exploring nature and getting away from screens. I encourage all to take a break soon to recharge.

Taking some time off will alleviate stress and help you return to your projects in better shape.

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