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My name is Jose — welcome to The New Gazette, a newsletter about all things digital. Each week, I write a case study about a brand or person that is really impactful and is doing an amazing job in the digital space. New post every Friday. 

Today, I will focus on POOLSIDE.FM, a music streaming player designed with summer vibes in mind. This week, what made headlines was the launch of their new app for the Mac, which makes it easier to set up your special playlist and let the music flow.

Every element of the design is focused to generate a little nostalgia about the good old days and enjoy really good music. In the photo below, you can see how the aesthetics of the website and the app are, using minimalistic yet wonderful style.

The way of working of the App was really clever, creating a product with quality content and an amazing look that generated word-of-mouth between the users for the whole project helping the creators gain a lot of attention to achieve something many developers dream about:

  • being # 1 on Product Hunt

  • being # 2 Music App & # 24 Free App on the Mac App Store

even that they spend $0 on marketing and they just did really clever media content like reusing photos, fonts, and styles related to the original Macintosh released in 1984 for their social media pages.

To give credits to this amazing team, PoolSideFM was done by:

  • Marty Bell

  • Niek Dekker

  • Will Chilcutt

  • Josh McMillan

  • Nick Haddad

  • Lewis King

  • Aziz Firat

As they are about to release a mobile app of PoolSide, we need to keep an eye on them to be ready on how they’re going to do it or what they’re building next.

For us, this project is an example of pure creativity, how a group of creators can get together to achieve something extraordinary. Inspiration for builders and dreamers on how to work on something powerful that can create a devoted following.

if you known about other brands that did or are doing an exceptional job on their digital space tell me by reaching me on my twitter @JoseeRuano or here in the comments.


Jose E. Ruano

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