and the importance of building one for your brand

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My name is Jose — welcome to The New Gazette, a newsletter about all things digital. Each week, I write a case study about a brand or person that is impactful and is doing an amazing job in the digital space. New post every Friday. 

Today I will focus on one company that has been doing an excellent job of creating a community and a few lessons on how that can help a company grow and get marketing for free. The Company? is called Fast. A new tech startup creating as they call it ‘the world’s fastest checkout’, a one-click solution to customers on stores.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

Before we start, think for a minute, how often have you see brands shouting their messages at their audience. No engagement, no context, no conversation, with posts that are spammy and self-centered? I can assure you that a lot. These companies just don’t care about creating something meaningful, they care just on getting more money and fame, as fast as possible. Wrong-way to start to make publicity of anything.

As we know, a community is a place where people bond with each other about hobbies, common interests, or goals. It’s a place where the relationships are built. For a business, a community is where its customers create relationships with each other and share the same love for your brand.

When you create a community of customers, they share with each other information about the company and find answers rapidly.

Brands like Fast their main goal is to talk with their customers, to learn more about their interests, needs, and behaviors, and build their product around that. With this feedback, companies can iterate their development of products and future releases.

Some benefits of having a community are:

  • Testing group for products, immediate feedback

  • word of mouth marketing, if people are happy, they talk

  • Long term customers

  • and many more

Brands always aspire to have that group of customers that are always loyal, think Apple, Nike, or even less-know brands but with a good following like Notion, the workplace app.

With Fast, they’ve been working on content that creates that type of community, increasing impressions by maintaining a consistent posting schedule on all the channels, whether is Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, where they created a habit of using the same emoji to follow their brand, as Fast relates to ‘🚀’ generating a connection between the two of them in the mind of potential clients and also interacting by replying often and playing interactive games like, guess the brand name using emojis and giving merch away.
All of this helped Fast to gain a community and following that are excited to see what the company built, before the upcoming releasing date on September the 2nd. The product looks and works fine, so I recommend to stay tuned as they are about to change the game on e-commerce.

If you want to go more in-depth about the strategy, click here, which is a thread done by the Director of Content Marketing of Fast, Matthew Kobach, about how is their approach to gain and maintain a following.

The lesson here is this, if you want to grow, get good at creating a long term relationship with your customers, as they can help you build a product/service specific to their needs, you just need to listen carefully.

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Jose E. Ruano

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