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Hope everyone had a fantastic time over the last couple of weeks,

I’m back from my break with new hopes and ideas about The New Gazette

It’s Friday, so that means a new story

This time I will talk about another newsletter I really love, it’s called The Profile

I’m gonna tell you about the beginnings of it, who writes it and why I found it so interesting

Let get into it.

What is The Profile?

The Profile is a weekly newsletter that features the best long-form stories on successful people and companies in many industries, from business, entertainment, tech, sports, and more.

Every Sunday you could read about a specific person that has done incredible things in their life, people you heard often but not know a lot of details of their life, what obstacles they had to overcome to get where they are, what goals they had in mind and how they achieved them or simply what advice they give to others.

Everyone has a story, and we can all learn a lesson or two from the world's most successful.

The Profile features people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, David Goggins, Kris Jenner, Tyler Perry, and Guy Raz, and of course my love Taylor Swift.

The core priority since this company/newsletter started in 2017 is to improve the reader’s “content diet.” as the author wholeheartedly believes that we need to pay significantly more attention to the content we consume.

“I think what we put in our brains is just as important as what we put in our bodies”

Who writes it?

All of the stories are done and curated by Polina Marinova Pompliano, a fantastic writer who in his own words “read 1.8 million words, which is the equivalent to 25 books” with the purpose of finding interesting, well-reported profiles worthy of inclusion in The Profile

She previously worked as an editor for Fortune Magazine. A job she left in 2020 to pursue full-time his passion and continue this newsletter.

I found her on Twitter at the beginning of 2020 and since then I’ve learned a lot not just from her stories but all the amazing work she had done trying to make his project better every day.

She’s nearly 80,000 followers on Twitter, which is a great indicator of his success with The Profile.

Why I found it so interesting?

I’m someone who loves learning about the people I admire, Understand how they think, what decisions they took, and how they challenged the status quo to pursue their dreams.

You could usually find me watching interviews on Youtube of my idols and reading their stories in magazines and The Profile helps with that.

Polina with every article tries to summarize all of their achievements so we the readers could get the best information about a specific person.

I wanted to highlight the work she has done over the last few years, as getting to where she is now it’s not easy and it could inspire all of us to just go for what we want.

plus, I’m pretty sure you will learn from her articles

Until next week,


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Here are some other things I found interesting

  • Another creator which I found super interesting is Emma Chamberlain, here’s an article to learn more about her

  • J Balvin, the Colombian Reggaeton star released a song with no other than Khalid, it’s called Otra Noche sin Ti (another night without you) and it’s really cool. Check it out!

  • Packy McCormick created as people call it, the best alternative to Business School, as he shares what’s going on in business and technology via pop culture, go check it out here. It’s called Not Boring, which is a good name as the stories are exactly that, not boring. This newsletter has been around for exactly 1 year, let’s celebrate by reading all his amazing stories.

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A few more things...

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